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Live Gay Cam Boys

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Without providing the man’s manual from A to Z remembers that every model is different three men who love men make us see our sexuality and our partners in a new light.

Normal and natural, essential

Although fortunately we feel free to speak with total naturalness of gay sexual practices, it has not always been that way. In 1968, for example, the World Health Organization classified homosexuality among mental illnesses and it was not until 1992 when it was declassified as a disease. The gay-themed movies and series or with homosexual characters, as well as the approval of gay marriage in many countries or the coming out of influential celebrities has contributed to see, finally, homosexuality as something totally normal. In the Live Gay Cam Boys you will be having the best options now and that also within your reach. All you will need to do is to make the best come up.

Just pleasure for pleasure

The reports are more based on the moment. Between homos, we get better at thinking only about pleasure. Just go out to a gay bar to meet someone, “begins Mathieu. The idea to remember: enjoy his relationships without ulterior motives, without fear of being judged, that we have known for two days, two months or ten years. And do not forget to protect yourself.

Play the underground lovers

A little reminder of Lucas. For centuries, homosexuality was shameful. Today, positive point, it remains the excitement of the underground. Straight version, so we leave home and try the stairwells, the gateways or the hotel, for the thrill of the illegitimate. Borderline situations that tickle our libido.

Little lesson of anatomy

The experts are unanimous. The prostate is the hidden treasure of male sexuality, the best friend of man. And on the subject, women often admit their ignorance. This nut-sized gland, intended to secrete and store seminal fluid, is located under the bladder. So much for the theory. In practice, it is stimulated by massaging the triangle of skin under the purses, gradually increasing the pressure. The manoeuvre can be confusing, so we discuss before everyone’s desires!

Oral sex

On the other hand, if there is a practice that few men refuse, it is the fellatio, the famous treat. Golden rule stated by our consultants: avoid repetitive actions. We vary the pleasures, using his hands, his tongue, not forgetting that the brake is the most sensitive part, caressing the surroundings. The goal is to keep the flow of blood to the maximum in the penis.

5 unusual secrets about male orgasm

Many women refuse it. But for those who are tempted by sodomy, basic precaution, we choose a good water-based lubricant. After testing several, “some tend to dry too quickly or even heat,” according to Lucas. We also look for the most comfortable position. There is no established rule, but the “medical” position is ideal for a start: on all fours, shoulders pressed against the mattress, buttocks in the air with, always, sweetness. This is the most important bit.