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Whether to light the flame of a marriage reconquer a boyfriend or simply to meet up for sex, all women can learn to do a striptease. Housewives, professionals, students, no matter what figure you have or age, all are capable of becoming strippers for pleasure. To make a memorable nude, you do not need an infatuated body, but simply want to seduce and have fun.

Undressing has its art and schools have been created to learn it correctly. In Mexico, for example, courses are offered so that women lose their fear of their body, learn to move and caress it. Among the topics covered are tips to choose the best outfit and music, fundamental elements in this type of dance. We have even been hired by psychotherapists because this course raises self-esteem, they ask us for women who have suffered some abuse or who simply have little confidence in themselves?

The Platinum High Class offers this type of class since 1993 and? Of the 3 thousand 500 students we have had, they all hookup for casual sex dates?

The course lasts 10 hours, of which four are dedicated to choreography, four to improvisation, which include chair, floor, table, lap and tube and one to musical advice. For the girls this is the finest time.

To achieve the best qualification, an attractive facial and body expression is necessary, as well as knowing how to “tell a story” as one goes undressing, says Andrea.

Tips to Please your Partner

Among the secrets to being a good sexual partner are these fundamental tips to seduce your partner:

Always look at the eyes

The music chosen should be slow and sensual

It is advisable to use shirts that can be unbuttoned quickly, Easy to fold closures or dresses that can be taken with style

  • You must have at least three locker rooms to avoid falling into the routine
  • The underwear should be sensual and flashy
  • It’s more fun if you do not let it touch you, it will increase the desire
  • It is important know the background song, so avoid losing the rhythm

Never have to count the steps or look at the floor that subtracts sensuality to the dance. The topics not only exist to fulfil them, they are also to break them. We know that hiring a stripper is a very helpful and funny idea, but not all are laughs and fun.

The bachelorette party is one of the most special days of a bride and that is why everything has to be perfect. First, you have to enjoy all but, above all, the bride. The best plan is fun, that you get pretty and dance. Here are some makeup tips for a night out, and then we tell you why you should not hire a stripper, it’s cool!


There are days when we want to take the opposite of the world, today is one of them. We have decided to demystify the strippers, yes, with arguments. Before you change your plans farewell to single you leave a gallery of the most handsome guys. They could star in the best striptease in history; unfortunately, we will have to settle for seeing them without a shirt.

Funny? Shameful?

We will not deny that when you go to a show in which someone gets naked you are willing to have fun. But we are not all equal and, for some, fun is not proportionate to the shame that is passed. Imagine, a guy smeared in oil rubbing against you while everyone looks at you. For the guests it sure is funny, for the bride not so much.